To reach net zero carbon emissions, we are electrifying our operations using three proven technologies.

Three technologies to electrify district energy in the U.S.

Vicinity’s industrial-scale heat pumps will efficiently utilize water from adjacent rivers as a source of energy to produce eSteam™.

Vicinity will use renewable electricity to power the industrial-scale electric boilers to produce eSteam™.

Vicinity will use thermal storage to store eSteam™ when renewable electricity pricing is high and to alleviate grid stress.

How eSteam™ works

Vicinity is utilizing a combination of heat pumps, electric boilers, and thermal storage technologies to create carbon-free electrified steam, eSteam™, at our facilities across the country.

1. Procure

Vicinity will procure electricity from renewable, carbon-free energy sources and import the power through a co-located electric substation.

2. Produce

Powered by green electricity, electric boilers and industrial-scale heat pumps will transform water into eSteam™. 

3. Opitmize

Thermal storage will store eSteam™ for use during peak demand.

4. Distribute

Carbon-free eSteam™ will be distributed to customers through underground piping infrastructure.

Restaurant patio in Center City district of downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on a sunny day.

Biogenic fuels

A truly circular solution, Vicinity is using the waste cooking oil discarded by the local food service industry to generate steam to heat and cool businesses and institutions in the very same community.

Critical electrification progress

Vicinity’s teams work in collaboration with our local government officials to ensure that our electrification upgrades are in line with the goals of the cities and states we operate in. 

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District energy's fuel source evolution

District energy has a 75-year history of greening its fuel sources. Vicinity will leverage our existing district energy systems and deploy innovative technologies to reach net zero carbon emissions. 

Vicinity’s electrification plan

This white paper explores how Vicinity is electrifying our district energy systems to help urban centers rapidly and affordably achieve city and state carbon reduction goals.

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