Operations and maintenance

Partner with Vicinity’s experienced team to enhance your energy infrastructure’s reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. Our comprehensive operations and maintenance services ensure your energy systems run smoothly.
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Energy cost reduction

Implement strategies to optimize energy use and generation with real-time data

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Continuous optimization

Improve overall system control and operations with ongoing commissioning processes

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Extend asset life

Keep infrastructure working at peak performance, extend the life of assets and reduce costs

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Project benchmarking

Track performance, make improvements, and measure success with benchmarking

Meet building performance standards with district energy​

Talk to our team of energy experts today to learn how district energy can help buildings meet federal and local emissions requirements.
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Preventative maintenance services

Vicinity’s comprehensive maintenance services are offered year-round—during peak usage or before system turn-ons—to optimize steam efficiency, reliability, and cost savings.

Steam trap surveys

Ensure steam traps function correctly and prevent issues that can lead to energy waste, equipment damage, and safety hazards.

Pressure Regulating Valves (PRVs)

Prevent system over-pressurization and relief valves from releasing steam into the atmosphere.


Reduce rust and pipe scale damage to valves and pumps. Ensure heat transfer surfaces are kept free of efficiency reducing deposits. 

Heat exchanger and water samples 

Ensure efficient operation of the exchangers, tube bundles are not leaking, and that city water is not entering the system through such leaks.

Steam pipe 

Deliver safe and reliable steam into the building while reducing potential for steam emissions into the building. 

Condensate return line 

Avoid condensate water spills, ensure proper evacuation of condensate from system lines, and identify the presence of leaking steam traps in the system. 

Mechanical room hot water loop 

Confirm adequate operation of key energy transfer equipment, such as heat exchangers, which supply building heat, hot water, or other process loads. 

Seasonal and maintenance shutdowns/turn-ons 

Prevent pipes from rotting and prepare systems to be dormant for an extended period by draining the systems for shutdowns.

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