We provide reliable service to government buildings—residential, medical facilities, courthouses, and state houses—so teams can focus on upholding fiduciary responsibilities while also safeguarding the environment.

Problems we solve for municipal buildings


Reduce carbon footprint with electrified district energy and align with government efforts to protect the health of local ecosystems and communities


Lower long-term energy and operating costs by transferring operations responsibility to Vicinity’s energy experts


Work with our team of energy experts to implement energy services to navigate the guidelines and standards for government agencies

Supporting mission-critical government work

Vicinity provides reliable service to federal and municipal buildings so they can focus on the vital work that is shaping our country.

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Benefits of district energy

Federal and municipal buildings—whether courthouses, offices, or military facilities—need trusted, experienced energy partners who understand government agencies’ processes.

lower carbon

Achieve sustainability goals

We're reducing carbon emissions in our operations and for our customers with renewable energy.

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Reduce energy risk

Rely on energy delivery from interconnected central facilities with multiple power supplies, fuel sources, and back-up generation.

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Maximize real estate value

A district energy connection typically requires the same amount of space as a single parking space, so buildings can make economic use of their space.

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Energy budgeting

We can help you accurately assess your energy options so that you can budget for the optimal solution that meets your goals.

Access capital infrastructure and upgrades

We are uniquely positioned to help customers meet their energy needs and sustainability goals with competitive investment strategies.

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Reduce operations and maintenance costs

Vicinity’s O&M services maximize your infrastructure investment by keeping building energy systems working at peak performance.

Meet the Federal Building Performance Standard with district energy

Vicinity’s systems can help federal buildings instantly meet the requirements set by the Building Performance Standard.

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The work of ensuring our planet remains livable is going to require all of us: every level of government, business, and community. We’re very grateful that Vicinity’s carbon-free eSteam™ product will power the leading industries we are known for here in Greater Boston such as life sciences, healthcare, commercial real estate, and many more.”
Michelle Wu
Mayor of Boston

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