Higher education

Vicinity provides versatile energy solutions for campuses of all sizes. As our core expertise, we focus on meeting your energy needs so you can focus on educating the next generation.

Problems we solve for higher education


Meet your institution’s sustainability goals by connecting to Vicinity’s district energy systems


Transfer risk to Vicinity with our 99.9% reliable district energy systems, which have redundancies to minimize service interruptions on campus


Reduce operational cost and effort by relying on Vicinity’s team of operations and maintenance experts to keep equipment running smoothly

Focus on educating the future generation

Our products and services help colleges and universities meet institutional goals and unlock engagement opportunities for sustainability-minded students.

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West Virginia university campus

Rapidly decarbonize higher education institutions with eSteam™

With innovative technologies and solutions like eSteam™, Vicinity offers a replicable model for higher education institutions to rapidly decarbonize their campuses.

Benefits of district energy

Our team is prepared to help colleges and universities meet their engineering, financial, and stakeholder needs with our wide range of expertise.

lower carbon

Achieve sustainability goals

We're reducing carbon emissions in our operations and for our customers with renewable energy.

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Reduce energy risk

Rely on energy delivery from interconnected central facilities with multiple power supplies, fuel sources, and back-up generation.

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Maximize real estate value

A district energy connection typically requires the same amount of space as a single parking space so that buildings can use their space economically.

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Energy budgeting

We can help you accurately assess your energy options so that you can budget for the optimal solution that meets your goals.

Improve reliability and safety

Our team offers a wide range of customized solutions to ensure that your energy operations remain reliable and safe.

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Reduce operations and maintenance costs

Vicinity’s O&M services maximize your infrastructure investment by keeping building energy systems at peak performance.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact our team to learn how district energy can help your organization achieve its energy and sustainability goals.