Vicinity Energy supplies West Virginia University in Morgantown with sustainable district energy.
square feet of conditioned building space served​
percent reduction in the steam system's carbon footprint
buildings served on WVU campus​
miles of underground pipe infrastructure​

Our path to decarbonization

Our electrification strategies will utilize a combination of heat pumps, electric boilers, and thermal storage technologies, tailored to the unique operational and regulatory considerations in the cities we serve.

Electrification progress


Our Morgantown facility is in the planning stages of greening its operations.




Products and services in Morgantown

Explore the comprehensive range of products and services that are customized to meet your demanding energy needs.


Preventative maintenance in Morgantown

Vicinity’s comprehensive maintenance services are offered year-round—during peak usage or before system turn-ons—to optimize steam efficiency, reliability, and cost savings.

Ensure steam traps function correctly and prevent issues that can lead to energy waste, equipment damage, and safety hazards.

Pressure Regulating Valves (PRVs)

Prevent system over-pressurization and relief valves from releasing steam into the atmosphere.


Reduce rust and pipe scale damage to valves and pumps. Ensure heat transfer surfaces are kept free of efficiency reducing deposits.

Ensure efficient operation of the exchangers, tube bundles are not leaking, and that city water is not entering the system through such leaks.

Steam pipe

Deliver safe and reliable steam into the building while reducing potential for steam emissions into the building.

Condensate return line 

Avoid condensate water spills, ensure proper evacuation of condensate from system lines, and identify the presence of leaking steam traps in the system.

Confirm adequate operation of key energy transfer equipment, such as heat exchangers, which supply building heat, hot water, or other process loads.

Seasonal and maintenance shutdowns/turn-ons 

Prevent pipes from rotting and prepare systems to be dormant for an extended period by draining the systems for shutdowns.

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Meet the Federal Building Performance Standard with district energy

Vicinity’s systems can help you instantly meet the requirements set by Biden’s Building Performance Standard (BPS).

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Customers can now pay their Vicinity Energy bill online, manage billing notifications, and set up monthly autopay on Vicinity’s bill pay portal.

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