Commercial real estate

With district energy, building owners can free up revenue-generating amenity space, reduce energy expenses, meet ESG goals, and attract sustainably minded tenants.

Problems we solve for commercial real estate


Meet evolving local building standards and your organization’s ESG goals by leveraging a carbon-free renewable energy solution


Eliminate bulky mechanical equipment and transform underutilized space into state-of-the-art amenities for your premium tenants


Reduce operational costs and effort by relying on Vicinity’s team of operations and maintenance experts to keep equipment running smoothly

Attract tenants with green energy solutions

Today, organizations choose their office spaces with sustainability practices in mind, and energy solutions are no exception. Attract tenants with Vicinity’s energy strategies that yield cost savings, carbon reductions, and efficiencies.

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Solutions for your entire portfolio

Serve all of the properties in your portfolio with district energy service across the cities we operate in. Our teams are prepared to work with building owners and operators on solutions that meet the unique energy and reliability needs of multiple properties.

Create sustainable spaces

Learn how leading commercial real estate management firm Clarendon Group  reduced energy consumption and costs at a historic Boston mixed-use building.

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Benefits of district energy

With Vicinity, commercial buildings have access to reliable clean energy and support from our team of experts to ensure each property is running smoothly and efficiently at all times.

lower carbon

Achieve sustainability goals

We're reducing carbon emissions in our operations and for our customers with renewable energy.

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Reduce energy risk

Rely on energy delivery from interconnected central facilities with multiple power supplies, fuel sources, and back-up generation.

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Maximize real estate value

A district energy connection typically requires the same amount of space as a single parking space, so buildings can make economic use of their space.

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Energy budgeting

We can help you accurately assess your energy options so that you can budget for the optimal solution that meets your goals.

Improve reliability and safety

Our team offers a full array of customized solutions to ensure that your energy operations remain both reliable and safe.

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Reduce operations and maintenance costs

Vicinity’s O&M services maximize your infrastructure investment by keeping building energy systems working at peak performance.

Thanks to the reliability and flexibility of district energy, tenants can be confident that our labs will maintain consistent 24/7 heating, reheating, sterilization and humidification to meet the specific requirements needed to support their critical research.”
Sam Mattei
Senior Property Manager, Keystone Property Group

Meet building performance standards with district energy

Vicinity’s systems can help your properties meet the requirements set by cities and states to reduce carbon emissions in buildings.

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Ready to take the next step?

Contact our team to learn how district energy can help your organization achieve its energy and sustainability goals.