Residential real estate

District energy helps residential building owners save on building and occupant space, energy expenses, and carbon footprints—a solution both you and your residents can get behind.

Problems we solve for residential real estate


Provide residents with 99.99% reliable district energy with redundancies in place to minimize service disruptions


Lower long-term energy and operating costs by transferring operations responsibility to Vicinity’s energy experts


Eliminate bulky mechanical equipment and transform underutilized space into state-of-the art amenities for your tenants

Attract tenants with reliable, green energy solutions

Trusted by owners and residential customers across the country, district energy means maximized real estate value and increased safety for your residents with no onsite combustion required.

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Empower residents with sub-metering

Every resident can view, measure, and understand their energy consumption with in-unit heating and cooling, with meter data collected in an integrated dashboard for advanced monitoring and easy billing.

Ensure reliable energy delivery for tenants

Learn why the owners of Flashcube luxury apartments turned to district energy service when converting the building from office to residential space. 


Benefits of district energy

Attract and retain residents, maximize rentable space, decrease energy expenses and achieve 99.99% energy reliability with Vicinity.

lower carbon

Achieve sustainability goals

We're reducing carbon emissions in our operations and for our customers with renewable energy.

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Reduce energy risk

Rely on energy delivery from interconnected central facilities with multiple power supplies, fuel sources, and back-up generation.

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Maximize real estate value

A district energy connection typically requires the same amount of space as a single parking space, so buildings can make economic use of their space.

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Energy budgeting

We can help you accurately assess your energy options so that you can budget for the optimal solution that meets your goals.

Improve reliability and safety

Our team offers a full array of customized solutions to ensure that your energy operations remain both reliable and safe.

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Reduce operations and maintenance costs

Vicinity’s O&M services maximize your infrastructure investment by keeping building energy systems working at peak performance.

Meet building performance standards with district energy

Vicinity’s systems can help your residential properties meet the requirements set by cities and states to reduce carbon emissions in buildings.

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Ready to take the next step?

Contact our team to learn more about how Vicinity can help residential buildings achieve their energy and sustainability goals.