Heat pumps

Vicinity Energy is revolutionizing building heating by utilizing industrial-scale heat pumps to produce carbon-free eSteam™
diagram of industrial-scale heat pump complex

Decarbonizing steam with industrial-scale heat pumps

Vicinity Energy is decarbonizing our district energy systems by installing industrial-scale heat pump complexes at our central facilities. The first heat pump complex will be installed at our Cambridge, MA facility and enter service in several years.

How Vicinity is using heat pumps

Industrial-scale heat pump complexes will be installed where Vicinity Energy facilities are located near rivers and already employ water intake systems. They will extract heat from adjacent rivers to generate steam and improve overall efficiency.

industrial scale heat pump diagram

How heat pumps work


The heat pump compressor, powered by electricity from renewable resources compresses natural refrigerant to pressures upwards of 1,000 psig.


The heated refrigerant is conducted to a heat exchanger for low-pressure steam generation.


The low-pressure steam is transferred to a multi-stage steam compressor, increasing pressure to 220 psig, the required pressure for distribution into the district system.


After generating steam, the refrigerant is routed to a feed water pre-heating heat exchanger and is condensed.


The refrigerant is expanded through an expansion valving arrangement, reducing the pressure, gasifying the refrigerant, and reducing its temperature to less than 30°F.


The refrigerant is sent to a heat exchanger to collect energy, heating the refrigerant while cooling the river water. The refrigerant is sent back to the compressor for reuse.

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