Industrial and manufacturing

Vicinity’s energy solutions help eliminate costly disruptions to critical processes, achieve a safer working environment, and reduce carbon emissions of industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Problems we solve for industrial and manufacturing


Provide facilities with reliable district energy service with redundancies in place to minimize disruptions


Reduce operational cost and effort by relying on Vicinity’s team of operations and maintenance experts to keep equipment running efficiently


Lower carbon footprint with electrified district energy and align with government efforts to protect the health of local ecosystems and communities

Fueling vital processes with 99.99% reliable steam delivery

District energy is safer and more reliable than conventional onsite energy solutions, ensuring seamless operations daily.

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Man in protective suit and mask disinfecting food factory full of food products from corona virus / covid-19.

Food-grade steam to meet sterilization needs

With steam sterilization as the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s recommended sterilization method, Vicinity’s food-grade steam is ideal for disinfection and sterilization in manufacturing processes.

Meet precise energy needs

Learn how Vicinity reliably, costeffectively, and sustainably supplies proper control of heat and an abundance of hot water for the distilling process at Lifted Spirits distillery. 

Lifted spirits distillery Kansas City MO

Benefits of district energy

Maximize rentable space, decrease energy expenses, and achieve 99.99% energy reliability with Vicinity.

lower carbon

Achieve sustainability goals

We're reducing carbon emissions in our operations and for our customers with renewable energy.

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Reduce energy risk

Rely on energy delivery from interconnected central facilities with multiple power supplies, fuel sources, and back-up generation.

sterilization humidification

Sterilization and humidification

High-pressure steam is the most reliable, green, and economical option to meet the unique demands of manufacturing facilities.​

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Energy budgeting

We can help you accurately assess your energy options so that you can budget for the optimal solution that meets your goals.

Improve reliability and safety

Our team offers a full array of customized solutions to ensure that your energy operations remain both reliable and safe.

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Reduce operations and maintenance costs

Vicinity’s O&M services maximize your infrastructure investment by keeping building energy systems working at peak performance.

Ready to take the next step?

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