Clean Energy Future

Taking action today for a sustainable tomorrow.

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Working Towards a Sustainable Future

We are committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions across all our operations by 2050.

We are working with our customers, communities, and local government to decarbonize our operations across the country and do our part to reduce the impact of the energy sector on the earth’s warming atmosphere.

Vicinity is currently in the process of electrifying our operations to offer an affordable, carbon-free path for the commercial buildings we serve. Our first electric boiler will enter service in 2024, immediately allowing our customers to harness carbon-free energy and decarbonize their buildings.

Together with our employees and strong local partners, we will achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 – providing a cleaner, greener environment for future generations.

Integrating Renewable Energy Into Our Fuel Mix as an Alternative ​to Fossil Fuels

Vicinity Energy centrally produces and distributes steam, hot water and chilled water to 250 million square feet of building space nationwide.

In partnership with Lifecycle Renewables, Vicinity is using biogenic fuel LR100™ in our Philadelphia and Boston operations. A truly circular solution, the wastes discarded by the local food service industry will now be used to heat and cool businesses and institutions in the same city.

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Biogenic Fuels - Circular Economy

Electrifying Boston and Cambridge

With the help of Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, we kicked off our electrification plans with the deconstruction of a steam turbine at our Kendall facility, paving the way for the installation of our 42MW electric boiler and eSteam™ offering.

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Utilizing Industrial-Scale Heat Pumps

Vicinity is partnering with Germany-based MAN Energy Solutions to develop low-temperature source heat pump systems for steam generation. We plan to install an industrial-scale heat pump complex at our Kendall facility in Cambridge by 2028.

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Executives from Vicinity Energy and Man Energy post for a photo celebrating a new partnership between the companies.

Green Steam

Vicinity feeds many of its district systems with low carbon, green steam generated in our combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Our CHPs produce electricity while simultaneously capturing waste heat that would otherwise be lost under conventional means. This waste heat is converted to green steam and supplied to our customers through our vast underground network, providing heating, cooling and sterilization to our customers.

Agile Operations & Fuel Flexibility

Vicinity’s technology is flexible and adaptable. We are able to apply the latest innovative technologies to our portfolio as the industry evolves, from renewable natural gas to biofuels, battery storage and hydrogen to name a few.  As  technology and sources  evolve so will our plans  to further green our systems.

Investments in Efficiency

Vicinity constantly seeks to improve the efficiency of its systems, ensuring that more of the energy generated and distributed to our customers is put to good use. In addition, we have invested alongside our customers in system upgrades to  decrease cost and consumption to achieve sustainability objectives.

Reliability & Resiliency

Vicinity delivers 99.99% reliable clean energy to our customers 24/7. Our district energy networks also have expedited restoration capability during an emergency event and can recover much faster than electric and gas utilities. In a future when climate events could become more frequent, our employees and infrastructure are prepared.  

An Innovative Approach to a Cleaner Environment

With decades of building and managing the largest energy districts in the U.S., Vicinity continues to innovate and invest in sustainable energy infrastructure and technology to reduce our overall environmental impact. Our Clean Energy Future commitment incorporates the latest strategies and technologies available, including:

  • Electrifying generation and offering eSteam™ ​to further reduce ​carbon emissions as the grid gets greener;
  • Investing in efficiency projects and upgrades to our existing district infrastructure;​
  • Leveraging renewable energy for our “house loads” in our facilities;
  • Researching new opportunities, like the introduction of battery storage, to meet the needs of customers and avoid costly grid interruption; and
  • Exploring additional leading-edge technologies to accelerate our transition.

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Infographic showing Vicinity Energy's Path to a Clean Energy Future

A Clean Energy Future is in our Grasp

By taking action and implementing a host of innovative energy strategies and technologies, Vicinity is leading the way to building decarbonization.
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Our Clean Energy Future reinforces Vicinity’s commitment to further greening our existing sustainable district energy systems, making us the smart energy choice for cities, customers, and the environment.