Will Vicinity’s electrification upgrades affect pricing for all customers?

No. Electrification will not affect customers unless they choose to purchase electrified steam, known as eSteam™. There will be no changes in pricing from Vicinity’s electrification efforts. In the near term, if customers purchase eSteam™, the price will be different than steam generated from fossil fuels. However, our offer will be much more cost-effective than other electrifying alternatives. Because we operate at economies of scale, we can offer our customers the best pricing possible. We aim to manage affordability and sustainability on behalf of our customers. 

What are the benefits of Vicinity’s eSteam™ product for customers?

Electrification will enable Vicinity to generate steam with a zero-carbon emissions factor. This means that the eSteam™ energy you purchase from Vicinity is clean and sustainable. By using eSteam™, our customers will be able to enjoy many benefits, including

  • Carbon-free: eSteam™ is a carbon-free renewable energy product for rapid decarbonization
  • Maximum flexibility: Customers choose how much eSteam™ they want to use and the carbon-free electricity source
  • Superior economics: eSteam™ is the most affordable option to decarbonize your building compared to onsite alternatives
  • Maximum resiliency: Vicinity’s operational flexibility means that we can switch fuel and generating sources to avoid interruptions

How will Vicinity create and deliver eSteam™?

To generate and deliver eSteam™, Vicinity is electrifying its operations by installing electric boilers, industrial-scale heat pumps, and thermal battery storage. Vicinity will procure electricity from renewable, carbon-neutral energy sources like wind, solar, and hydro. Leveraging our existing network of underground pipes, we will deliver eSteam™ to our customers without any effort.

What is eSteam™?

eSteam™ is Vicinity’s unique and innovative carbon-free renewable energy product. eSteam™ offers maximum flexibility and superior economic benefits compared to alternative onsite solutions. Vicinity uses carbon-free, renewable electricity to generate eSteam™, providing rapid decarbonization for commercial and institutional buildings in city centers.