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We craft custom energy solutions to meet your specific campus energy requirements and objectives.

Vicinity Energy provides reliable energy solutions to colleges and universities throughout the country. From energy consulting engagements and operating and maintaining (O&M) existing onsite energy systems to leveraging our extensive network of district energy systems, Vicinity provides versatile energy solutions for both small, local campuses as well as large universities with multiple buildings. Our solutions provide campuses with access to sustainable energy and qualified energy expertise to ensure uninterrupted service and stellar reliability. As our core expertise, we focus on meeting your energy needs so you can focus on educating the next generation.

How Vicinity Can Help

Unlike many conventional energy services options, Vicinity is a true partner. With over 450 skilled experts, we provide one-on-one attention to our customers depending on their needs—whether this means managing their systems, offering energy consulting support or supplying resilient 24/7 thermal energy directly from our district networks. With Vicinity, you can focus on education and shaping the future, not your energy systems. Through our partnership and solutions, we can:

  • Meet your goals with clean campus energy solutions, whether this is through performing an energy audit, providing O&M services, helping you develop an onsite energy plant, or leveraging one of our district energy networks.
  • Deliver 99.99% reliable district energy with redundancies in place to minimize disruptions instead of relying on a singular source
  • Surpass local guidelines, standards and qualifications through our ever-growing clean energy solutions

Our Products & Services for Colleges & Universities

Vicinity District Heating and Cooling

District Heating and Cooling

Located in major metropolitan cities across the country, our local district systems are providing several prominent universities and colleges with resilient green thermal energy for heating and cooling needs, to ensure a reliable energy supply and to meet carbon reduction goals.

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Sterilization & Humidification

Many universities are integrated with medical systems and through our district systems, we’re able to meet their thermal energy needs for stringent humidity control and sterilization of medical and research equipment.

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Energy Infrastructure Operations & Maintenance

Through O&M contracts, we operate and maintain energy infrastructure for college campuses across the country, enabling these institutions to focus on their core mission while we manage energy production and distribution of energy to campus buildings.

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Microgrids & Distributed Generation

Some colleges are not in close proximity to our district systems or they require an independent energy source(s). With a team of skilled energy, finance, engineering and construction management professionals on staff, we can develop a custom microgrid and/or distributed energy solution to serve your campus energy needs.

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Remote Monitoring

If you’re in need of energy O&M support by a qualified licensed engineer but do not require someone full-time on site, Vicinity can provide remote monitoring of your energy infrastructure at our innovative control centers. We will customize a solution that meets your specific needs.

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Energy Efficiency & Optimization

From efficiency assessments and investment, to project implementation, our experts will provide a custom energy solution to optimize your campus energy assets and provide solutions to drive efficiencies.

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Our Customers

We help colleges and universities use and manage energy more efficiently, sustainably and strategically.

Emerson College
Drexel University
Northeastern University

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