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Commercial Real Estate

Attract tenants through affordable energy strategies that yield savings, carbon reductions and efficiencies.

Commercial real estate is a competitive market where landlords must compete for tenants among a host of alternative options, especially in major metropolitan cities across the U.S. where real estate values are high and competition is fierce. Appealing to tenants entails a variety of techniques, and energy is a big driver. A building’s heating and cooling solution can influence tenant lease decisions, since energy has a drastic impact on cost, space availability and sustainability. Through district energy, building owners have the ability to free up additional amenity space, reduce their energy expenses and demonstrate sustainability benefits to potential tenants.

How Vicinity Can Help

We serve over 200M square feet of commercial space, making Vicinity a trusted energy partner by thousands of business owners nationwide. By connecting to Vicinity’s district energy networks, you’ll not only have access to reliable clean energy, you will be supported by our team of over 450 experts, ensuring your property is running smoothly and efficiently at all times. With Vicinity, you get:

  • 99.99% reliable district energy with redundancies in place to minimize disruptions and keep your business running smoothly
  • Valuable building amenity space through the elimination of onsite heating and cooling equipment
  • A decreased carbon footprint that will attract like-minded environmentally conscious tenants through Vicinity’s clean energy solutions
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“Thanks to the reliability and flexibility of district energy, tenants can be confident that our labs will maintain consistent 24/7 heating, reheating, sterilization and humidification to meet the specific requirements needed to support their critical research.”

Sam Mattei

Senior Property Manager, Keystone Property Group

Our Products & Services for Commercial Real Estate

District Heating and Cooling

Our low-carbon district energy solutions ensure your thermal energy needs are met and also eliminate the need for onsite boiler and chiller plants, enabling customers to reclaim valuable space in and around the buildings.

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Energy Infrastructure Operations & Maintenance

As owner and operator of district systems across the United States, we understand complicated energy systems and infrastructure. Our over 450 energy experts have the expertise to operate and manage your onsite energy infrastructure, so you can focus on your core business.

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Remote Monitoring

If you’re in need of energy O&M support by a qualified licensed engineer but do not require someone full-time on site, Vicinity can provide remote monitoring of your energy infrastructure at our innovative control centers. We will customize a solution that meets your specific needs.

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Energy Efficiency & Optimization

From efficiency assessments and investment, to project implementation, our experts will provide a custom energy solution to optimize your energy assets and provide solutions to drive efficiencies.

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Our Customers

We help commercial and residential real estate organizations of all sizes use and manage energy more efficiently, sustainably and strategically.

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