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We offer solutions for resilient, reliable and cost-effective energy so you can remain operational 24/7.

Balancing today’s needs for providing the best possible healthcare while maintaining the complex infrastructure needed to achieve the best patient outcomes is a challenge faced by every hospital and healthcare facility. By relying on our energy experts to manage energy infrastructure and ensure an uninterrupted supply of service, healthcare providers can focus on what matters most: protecting human health and saving lives.

How Vicinity Can Help

At Vicinity, we believe that energy shouldn’t be complicated. Our district networks provide efficient thermal energy used for heating and cooling, making hot and chilled water, and sterilization and humidification, helping to keep your mission-critical work operating 24/7 days a year. With Vicinity, you get:

  • Resilient district energy solutions with clean steam sanitation and humidification
  • 99.99% district energy reliability—In the event of an extreme weather event, we have backup to ensure your services don’t get interrupted
  • 24/7 off-site energy monitoring, letting you focus on your life-critical work
  • Help achieving your sustainability goals with a lower carbon impact
Mercy Medical Center

“Vicinity has been a reliable long-term partner for well over a half century and we are excited to be extending our relationship with them, while also ensuring long-term energy resilience and cost savings for the hospital.”

Dr. David N. Maine

President and CEO of Mercy Health Services

Our Products & Services for Healthcare Facilities

District Heating and Cooling

Vicinity provides a robust and resilient energy alternative to conventional heating and cooling methods with our district energy solutions. Eliminate the burden of onsite combustion, the upfront capital cost for onsite chillers or boilers and rely on a 99.99% reliability guarantee. Our team of over 450 experts allow you to focus on your important mission while we ensure 24/7 energy delivery.

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Sterilization & Humidification

The CDC recommends clean steam sanitation over traditional sanitation methods. With sanitation being of utmost importance in healthcare, our 99.99% reliable district energy service provides an efficient, more environmentally friendly solution. In addition, high-pressure steam is used by hospitals for space humidification to support infection control and patient comfort. Our clean steam solutions for humidification provide proper air and comfort for healing, empowering you to provide patients with top-quality care.

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Energy Infrastructure Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Healthcare facilities with existing onsite energy plants require qualified energy O&M experts to ensure infrastructure is operating optimally and the supply of energy remains uninterrupted. Proper O&M of energy infrastructure, such as a central plant and/or microgrid, is essential to ensuring that healthcare facilities have the energy they need to operate 24/7.

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Microgrids & Distributed Generation

With large and intensive energy loads, hospital environments are great candidates for onsite development of distributed generation (DG), particularly microgrids. Microgrids can operate independently of the electric grid and can provide both power and thermal energy to meet a hospital’s heating, cooling, sterilization, domestic hot water and power needs. Armed with financing capabilities, Vicinity can develop a DG project from planning to construction completion through to commissioning. We have also integrated microgrids into our district systems to provide even more energy resiliency and reliability to our customers.

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Energy Efficiency & Optimization

From efficiency assessments and investment, to project implementation, our experts will provide a custom energy solution to optimize your energy assets and drive efficiencies.

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Our Customers

We help organizations of all sizes—from hospitals to hotels to municipalities—use and manage energy more efficiently, sustainably and strategically.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Van Andel Institute
The Walters Art Museum
Two Liberty Place
Flash Cube Apartments
Jefferson Health
National Aquarium
Maryland Stadium Authority
New England Aquarium
Boston Medical Center
WillsEye Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly can a district energy system recover from a natural disaster event?

    Quickly. District energy systems can isolate issues and have built-in redundancy to leverage multiple generating assets and fuel, power, and water sources to maintain reliable service even in the most demanding weather events.

    If a piece of equipment or utility source is compromised or experiencing any issues, the system can continue to operate by drawing from its backup sources and infrastructure. With insulated carbon steel conduit piping encased in concrete, a district energy network’s distribution system is more robust and resilient than conventional utility alternatives, even during extreme weather events.

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