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Reduce your energy expense and improve reliability with our custom energy solutions.

The hospitality industry encompasses a wide range of businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, food services, and entertainment and convention centers. Through our sustainable energy solutions, we’re helping this industry reduce costs and minimize carbon impacts. Vicinity is a proud partner to this industry, helping our customers meet their energy needs, cost-effectively.

How Vicinity Can Help

The hospitality industry spends over $7.5B on energy each year. We understand that your visitors and clients are relying on you, so we make it our priority to make sure you can rely on us. Vicinity’s district networks deliver 99.99% uptime to meet the needs of your guests. With Vicinity, you are not only optimizing your energy usage and saving money, but also helping to reduce the impact you’re making on the planet. With Vicinity, you get:

  • Reduced energy expenses through optimized energy solutions
  • 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure your systems are always running smoothly
  • Energy solutions for your unique business, from large resorts to cafes and bistros
  • No hidden or surprise fees and charges

Our Energy Solutions for Hospitality Facilities

District Heating and Cooling

With resilient green thermal energy for heating and cooling, you can focus on your guests and providing an exceptional experience, while we make sure your energy is delivered efficiency to meet your needs.

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Remote Monitoring

If you’re in need of energy O&M support by a qualified licensed engineer but do not require someone full-time on site, Vicinity can provide remote monitoring of your energy infrastructure at our innovative control centers. We will customize a solution that meets your specific needs.

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Energy Efficiency & Optimization

From efficiency assessments and investment, to project implementation, our experts will provide a custom energy solution to optimize your energy assets and provide solutions to drive efficiencies.

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