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Residential Real Estate

Attract and retain residents, maximize rentable space, decrease energy expenses and achieve 99.99% energy reliability.

Whether you own apartment buildings or condominiums, the energy solution you choose for your residential buildings directly impacts your bottom line and the tenants you attract and retain. With district energy, you save both building and occupant space, renovation and upgrade cost and on going expenses, simplify your HVAC design and installation, and reduce your carbon footprint with Vicinity’s commitment to be net zero carbon by 2050—a plan both you and your residents can get behind.

How Vicinity Can Help

District energy means maximized real estate value and increased safety for your residents with no onsite combustion; there’s no need for onsite boilers, cooling towers, in-unit heat pumps or water heaters. In addition to avoiding this significant upfront capital expense, owners and tenants experience reliable heating and cooling, more in-apartment space and less noise, while you avoid the typical lifecycle expenses associated with boilers, heat pumps and condensers. Your residents also enjoy total control over their heating and cooling, with individual controls and on-demand hot water. Meter data is collected in an integrated dashboard for advanced monitoring and easy billing, allowing every resident to view, measure and understand their consumption and carbon footprint.

Trusted by owners and residential customers across the country, Vicinity delivers sustainable energy solutions to over 16 million square feet of residential building space across the U.S. By connecting to Vicinity’s district energy networks, you receive reliable, low-carbon energy and support from our team of over 450 experts, ensuring your property is always running smoothly and efficiently. With Vicinity, you get:

  • 99.99% reliable energy with redundant power, back-up generation and multiple water and fuel sources to minimize disruptions
  • Competitive, stable energy pricing without installation or ongoing equipment maintenance costs
  • Valuable in-unit and amenity space through the elimination of onsite heating and cooling equipment
  • A decreased carbon footprint, with the goal of zero emissions by 2050, that will attract environmentally conscious residents
  • Reduced water usage and maintenance at building access points by reusing condensed steam for flushing water and ice melt
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“The engineering staff at Two Liberty Place have been nothing short of pleased with the entire process of converting our building from electric water heating to 100% steam heating. The professionalism and level of expertise from the Vicinity team was evident from day one.”

Edward Siegler

Operations Manager, Two Liberty Place

Our Products & Services for Residential Real Estate

District Heating and Cooling

Our clean, sustainable district energy solutions are tailored to meet your needs. Vicinity saves valuable amenity and in-unit space by eliminating the need for onsite boiler and chiller plants.

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Energy Infrastructure Operations & Maintenance

As owner and operator of district systems across the United States, we understand complicated energy systems and infrastructure. Our team of over 450 experts can operate and manage your onsite energy infrastructure so you can focus on your core business.

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Resiliency and Remote Monitoring

If you’re in need of energy O&M support by a qualified licensed engineer but don’t require someone to be on site full-time, Vicinity can remotely monitor your energy infrastructure at our control centers. We will customize a solution that meets your specific needs.

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Energy Efficiency & Optimization

From efficiency assessments and investment to project implementation, our experts will provide a custom energy solution to optimize your energy assets and provide solutions that drive efficiencies.

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Our Customers

We help organizations of all sizes—from hospitals to hotels to municipalities—use and manage energy more efficiently, sustainably and strategically.

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