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Grand Rapids

 Supplying reliable thermal energy to downtown Grand Rapids.

Erected in 1897, the Fulton Street steam plant has fueled the growth of the local economy over the last century by supplying resilient thermal energy to local businesses and industries in Grand Rapids. Used in space heating and cooling, domestic hot and chilled water, humidification, and sterilization, Vicinity Energy’s innovative district energy system supplies reliable thermal energy to a variety of customers in downtown Grand Rapids—including the Amway Grand Hotel, the Devos Place Convention Center, the Van Andel Research Institute and St. Mary’s Hospital.

As owner and operator of the district energy system, Vicinity Energy has invested over $10 million in plant and distribution system improvements to increase its energy reliability, resiliency and cost effectiveness, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than 11,000 tons annually.

$10 million

Investment in the Grand Rapids district system

11,000 tons

Annual reduction of the region’s GHG emissions

2,400 cars

Cars removed from the road per year (carbon reduction equivalent)

Investing in Grand Rapids

Vicinity has invested more than $10 million in improving Grand Rapids’ resilient energy infrastructure, resulting in decreased fossil fuel consumption, lower cost per pound of steam produced and a reduction of annual GHG emissions by more than 11,000 tons—the equivalent of removing nearly 2,400 cars from the roads per year. 

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How District Energy Works

District energy is an innovative and resilient energy solution that uses a centrally located facility, or facilities, to generate thermal energy—heat, hot water or chilled water—which is then transported through highly insulated underground pipes directly to nearby buildings, avoiding the need for boilers, chillers and cooling towers in individual buildings. Watch the video to learn more about how district energy works.

What is District Energy?

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