Meet Local and Federal Building Performance Standards with District Energy

The Biden Administration recently announced the first-ever Federal Building Performance Standard (BPS), which aims to cut energy use and electrify equipment and appliances in 30% of Federally-owned building space by 2030.

Many states and cities around the U.S. are enacting similar fossil fuel bans for existing and new buildings, such as BERDO 2.0 in Boston and BEUDO in Cambridge. Our district energy systems and team of energy experts are equipped to help you navigate these new building standards.

How Vicinity Energy Can Help

  • Our decarbonization plan is already helping customers meet local and federal carbon requirements
  • District energy is a more affordable alternative to installing onsite electric equipment
  • Our team can provide monthly energy usage data for your buildings

District heating and cooling is a reliable and green solution for commercial buildings and campuses

Vicinity’s District Energy Electrification Plan

Over the last 100 years, fuel agnostic district energy systems have demonstrated their ability to switch fuels to generate steam from increasingly cleaner sources, from coal to oil to natural gas. District energy systems are poised to lead through this next energy transition to carbon-free, greener sources to ensure the health and longevity of our communities.

Vicinity has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and the backbone of our decarbonization plan is the rapid electrification of our operations. We have a detailed, phased strategy to install new technologies like electric boilers, industrial-scale heat pumps, and thermal salt batteries before the end of the decade. 

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Our Electrification Plan in Action

With the help of Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, we kicked off our electrification plans with the deconstruction of the steam turbine at our Kendall Green Energy Facility, paving the way for the installation of our first 50 MW electric boiler.

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Infographic showing Vicinity Energy's Path to a Clean Energy Future

A Clean Energy Future is in our Grasp

By taking action and implementing a host of innovative energy strategies and technologies, Vicinity is leading the way to building decarbonization.

Our Clean Energy Future vision reinforces Vicinity’s commitment to further greening our existing sustainable district energy systems, making us the smart energy choice for cities, customers, and the environment.

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eSteam™ is the first commercial renewable thermal energy product in the U.S. to accelerate urban decarbonization.