A high energy conversation with Bill DiCroce


Dynamic districts, January 2021

by Energy Cast | Episode 105


In this episode of Energy Cast, host Jay Dauenhauer sits down with CEO, president and chairman Bill DiCroce from Vicinity Energy. Bill shares his thoughts on district energy networks, underscoring Vicinity’s pledge to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and how the company and district energy is uniquely positioned to rapidly expand and deploy renewable strategies and energy sources to local cities and communities.

About Energy Cast

Energy cast is a podcast about the energy sector, with particular focus on business, policy and economic issues. Hosted by Jay Dauenhauer, each episode examines a facet of the energy sector – coal, oil/gas, nuclear, biofuels, battery, geothermal, hydro, wind, solar, and fusion – and the opportunities and challenges of bringing these technologies to the energy mix. As host of the Energy Cast Podcast for the past four years, Jay Dauenhauer, CSM, PMP, has an extensive energy background, including previously serving as a media analyst for TXU Energy and Executive Director of the Clean Coal Technology Foundation of Texas, working with stakeholders to pass clean energy legislation for the state.