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Capital Infrastructure Investments & Upgrades

In a capital constrained economy, we can help you invest in your critical energy infrastructure.

Access to Capital for Upgrades and Maintenance

Even prior to COVID-19, many government agencies, hospitals and higher education institutions have been financially constrained when it comes to investing in sustainability/carbon reduction, energy generation and resiliency infrastructure projects.

Government agencies are deferring and/or cancelling much needed projects due to budget shortfalls and limited borrowing capacity. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are facing similar financial challenges and need to focus available investment capital on essential medical systems and treatment services. Higher education institutions are seeing enrollment and revenues decline, while still needing to invest in energy infrastructure that in many cases is already at the end of its useful life. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, infrastructure investment needs in the United States were estimated at $2.7 trillion in 2020 and are projected to rise to $10 trillion by 2040. (ASCE Report, 2013, p. 8).

Investment and Project Delivery Strategies

Vicinity is uniquely positioned to help the customers we serve meet their energy generation, resiliency and sustainability goals by combining unmatched operational expertise with creative, flexible and competitive investment strategies. Vicinity is willing and able to work under a variety of customized financial and project delivery arrangements best suited to our customers’ needs. Arrangements include design, build, operate, maintain and finance (DBOMF), concessions, lease purchases, and traditional operations and maintenance (O&M) services. Within each structure we have the expertise to provide the optimal capital planning strategy and financing options for our customers. 

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Advantages to Partnering With Vicinity on Infrastructure Investments and Upgrades

Access to a Global Infrastructure Fund

Through our parent company, a private equity firm focused on infrastructure investments, we have a strong financial partner and access to low-cost financing solutions.

Asset Ownership Transfer or Monetization

Transferring ownership of energy infrastructure assets to Vicinity can help you achieve your energy goals while freeing up financial resources for your core mission. We can also help you monetize assets to offset annual utility and infrastructure expenses or develop new sources of revenue.

Financing an Infrastructure Upgrade

Vicinity Energy’s deep financial resources can help you replace or retrofit your current energy infrastructure to become more energy efficient, achieve your sustainability goals and turn former liabilities into future assets.

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