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Achieving Sustainability Goals

How to attain net zero carbon emissions and reduce energy use now.

Sustainability Challenges

Access to reliable, affordable energy is a key component to a healthy economy. However, dwindling fossil fuel supplies and rapid climate change are no longer challenges in the distant future. Energy sustainability must be addressed with practical, available solutions now. Green technologies and renewable resources can help achieve the promise of net-zero carbon emissions, but feasibility and implementation are challenging. How can existing building energy systems move toward renewable resources? Achieving energy sustainability requires consultation from an experienced energy provider that thinks globally and acts locally.

Versatile Green Solutions to Meet Your Goals

Vicinity publicly commits to reaching net zero carbon emissions across all our operations by 2050.

Vicinity Energy has implemented innovative energy technologies and strategies for decades, providing clean energy solutions and driving carbon reductions in the communities we serve.

By sourcing renewable resources and investing in new solutions and infrastructure, we not only reduce carbon emissions in our operations but also for our customers.

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Advantages to Partnering With Vicinity to Achieve Sustainability Goals

Reap the Green Advantages of CHP

Vicinity supplies many of its district systems with low carbon, green steam generated in our combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Our CHPs capture waste heat generated from electricity production and convert this into low-carbon usable thermal energy that would otherwise be lost under conventional means. This green steam is then supplied to our customers directly through our underground distribution network.

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Achieve LEED Credits and EnergyStar Support

We can offer our customers 100% of the LEED points related to energy through connection to one of our CHP based district systems. This allows a building owner to utilize their dollars for investment in other areas of LEED to achieve a better building envelope and/or a higher LEED rating. We can also assist with EnergyStar reporting, a program that is committed to conserving energy and improving sustainability.

Benefit From Agile Energy Solutions

Vicinity’s centrally located district energy systems are agile and fuel-agnostic, easily integrating green technologies and fuel sources as market opportunities evolve and arise, resulting in wide scale sustainability benefits for our customers. Vicinity is in the process of integrating biofuels, which is 100% carbon free, renewable fuel that will help lower our customers’ carbon footprint even more.

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Energy Efficiency and O&M

Through energy efficiency and optimization programs, our recommended improvements typically pay for themselves within a short period of time and lower energy consumption, which oftentimes generates carbon savings. Additionally, our operations and maintenance (O&M) team of experts is adept at not only operating your onsite infrastructure, but also keeping building energy systems working at peak performance, which can result in extension of the equipment’s lifetime and significant energy and carbon savings.

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Develop Your Own Green Distributed Energy Source

Vicinity’s energy, finance, operations and technology specialists will assess your energy needs and recommend the right energy infrastructure solution to meet your energy and sustainability goals, derived from a range of technologies and applications. We can provide full turnkey services from initial concept development through to finance and long-term operation.

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