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Improve Reliability & Safety

With the right solution in place, you can trust that your energy operations are in good hands.

Challenges in Reliability and Safety

When it comes to energy systems and infrastructure, safety and reliability are always going to be concerns for building owners and managers. Building occupants inherently trust that building energy systems are reliable and safe and do not pose any risk or dangers. Vicinity takes on this major worry for you – assuring you continuous, optimal energy operations while meeting or exceeding safety and environmental regulations to guarantee the safety, reliability and compliance of your building’s energy system.

Gain Peace of Mind Via Customized Solutions

Whether you connect to our district energy networks, outsource your energy operations and maintenance (O&M) to us, implement a microgrid with us, or apply our remote monitoring services, Vicinity offers a full array of customized solutions to ensure that your energy operations remain both reliable and safe. 

Advantages to Partnering With Vicinity to Improve Reliability & Safety

Avoid Interruptions

In the event of a power outage, extreme climate event or supply interruption from the public grid, Vicinity’s district energy and/or microgrid solutions provide uninterrupted energy to ensure you stay up and running. Integrated with district energy, microgrids augment and improve the energy resiliency and reliability for mission-critical campuses.

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Licensed and Trained Energy Experts

Keep your energy operations at peak reliability, while also ensuring safety, by relying on Vicinity’s experts. Our highly trained employees are certified in confined space rescue, hazmat, CPR/first aid, COVID-19 safety practices and protocol, hot work permits, environmental practices, and more. Our personnel training meets or exceeds OSHA, DEP and PUC guidance.

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Rely on N+1 Redundancy

Our district energy systems have the capacity to meet our customers’ full energy loads with layers of back-up infrastructure ready to go online if any one piece of equipment begins to fail. In the case of an extreme weather event, our redundant network is designed so that we can isolate parts of the system to perform maintenance or to protect the network. Additionally, our systems can be restored to full service much faster than other utilities.

Reduce Risk of Failure

Remove the risk of potential failures with on site boiler and chiller plants through district energy, a microgrid solution or via our skilled O&M operators. Our O&M solutions range from traditional onsite services to remote monitoring.

Eliminate Onsite Combustion

Reduce your environmental and safety risks in addition to insurance costs by eliminating onsite boiler and/or chiller plants through a seamless connection to one of our district energy systems.

Depend on 99.99% Uptime

Our proven district energy technology and systems provide 99.99% reliable delivery of clean energy to buildings, 24/7, through the use of multiple steam and chilled water facilities, and water and fuel sources (including the use of renewable biofuels). We also maintain 10+ days of onsite fuel storage and makeup water capacity.

Assure Environmental Checks

Vicinity employs a team of Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) experts who are fully trained and dedicated to ensuring no hazardous materials are introduced to the environment and that emissions are controlled, monitored and recorded continuously.