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Maximize Real Estate Value

Less is more: Save energy, space, and money.

Challenges to Maximizing Real Estate Value

Building owners and real estate developers have a common challenge: space is at a premium and land value in most cities is growing more expensive. Every square foot in a building matters. At the same time, tenants want affordable prices and green, energy efficient buildings. Onsite boiler and chiller plants require a lot of space.

How can building owners meet their tenant’s energy needs, while also optimizing space for more profitable use?

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Vicinity Can Help You Optimize Your Investment

When you join a local Vicinity district energy network, you can access an efficient energy source for your heating and cooling needs, while saving on capital expenses. Vicinity can also recommend other innovative energy solutions to optimize your existing mechanical systems and generate the most value from your investment.

Advantages to Partnering With Vicinity to Maximize Real Estate Value

Gain More Space

Vicinity’s district energy service eliminates the need for in-building boilers, chillers, and cooling towers, allowing you to increase rentable and usable space. On average, district energy connection infrastructure requires about the same amount of space as a single parking space, which means buildings can make smart, economic use of all the space they would have needed to dedicate to costly and large equipment otherwise. 

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Save on Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Are you spending valuable capital on costly repairs and maintenance or utility costs? Save money, free up cash flow, and increase profitability by connecting to district energy. Our team of energy experts can make additional recommendations to reduce your O&M costs through our asset management and energy efficiency solutions.

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Green Sells

Building owners, tenants, investors, and federal and local governments want energy efficient buildings. Lowering your carbon footprint and gaining extra LEED points is streamlined by connecting to a district energy system. Vicinity can also make recommendations to reduce your carbon footprint through our asset management, energy optimization, or microgrid solutions.

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Meet Mission-Critical Needs

If you have a mission-critical facility that would benefit from resilient high-pressure steam, then district energy and/or microgrids could be the solution for you. These solutions can provide not only heating and cooling, but also thermal energy that can be used for process loads, sterilization, humidification, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of district energy systems?

    District energy provided multiple advantages:

    • Freedom from asset ownership and the costs associated with maintenance
    • Wholesale energy pricing and stability
    • Efficient energy delivery
    • Greater reliability and redundancy in energy supply
    • Reduced carbon footprint

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