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Reduce Energy Risk

We make sure you always have the clean energy you need, when you need it.

Challenges in Reducing Energy Risk

Energy risks are a major concern for building owners and facilities managers. A disruption to energy delivery is of particular concern to mission-critical facilities, such as hospitals, medical research labs and government facilities – any organization that requires uninterrupted power to continue their operations.

Resiliency and Reliability With 24/7 Energy

What if your energy services go down, whether due to a major weather or environmental event, a grid failure, or a sudden spike in energy demand? Are you prepared if your facility’s infrastructure fails, needs a costly repair, or requires environmental remediation?

Assure your facility’s smooth and continuous operation with our versatile energy solutions that provide a myriad of benefits and reduce energy risk.

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Advantages to Partnering With Vicinity to Reduce Energy Risk

Achieve 99.99% Uptime

As a building owner or manager, transfer your energy risk to Vicinity Energy by connecting to our district energy systems. We offer 99.99%+ uptime energy delivery through interconnected central energy facilities with multiple power supplies, back-up generation, and several water and fuel sources in the event of interruptions to other utilities.

Benefit From Redundancies

Onsite HVAC equipment such as boilers and chillers can experience costly failures due to age, mechanics, or external events. With district energy’s built-in redundancies, you can avoid a single point of failure.

Reduce Safety Concerns

We can improve the safety of system operation and lower insurance rates by removing onsite fuel combustion sources and chemical storage associated with onsite HVAC equipment.

Outsource Your Energy Operations

If you are committed to your onsite energy infrastructure, our operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions can assure the economic and environmental performance of your valuable assets. Outsourcing the O&M of energy infrastructure will transfer risk and responsibility to skilled and licensed operators who will assure proper maintenance, improve efficiency and reliability, and monitor for any system weaknesses.

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Develop Your Own Energy Source

If you have high power and thermal energy needs and require an independent source of energy, we can help you develop a microgrid. Our microgrid solutions have built in redundancies and allow you to transfer risk to an experienced energy provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of electrifying district energy?

    The benefits of electrification are numerous. 

    • No expensive retrofits – We eliminate the challenge of converting individual buildings. This solution is faster, more cost-competitive, and less capital intensive than building retrofits under mandates.
    • Existing infrastructure – We will use our network of underground pipes to deliver clean, carbon-free steam to customers. Further, many of our facilities have existing electric substations and transmission lines, so no additional investment is needed to access renewable electrons.
    • Cleaner air – We eliminate new gas “stacks” and fossil-burning infrastructure in individual buildings. Communities benefit from cleaner energy sources, which improve city air quality and remove particulates and other pollutants from our neighborhoods.
    • More affordable Because Vicinity has access to wholesale renewable power, we can procure electricity at much lower rates than the average consumer. Further, Vicinity intends to purchase a lot of its power overnight when prices are lower and store it when our customers need it.
    • Reliability – Our ability to fuel switch allows us to be more reliable than other onsite alternatives. Vicinity’s system has built-in redundancies and will continue to access backup fuels as needed in emergencies.

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  • What is thermal storage, and why is it important?

    As part of Vicinity’s electrification plan, we plan to install molten salt or molten silica thermal batteries, which are an excellent means of storing heat. This technology will allow us to procure renewable electrons when prices are low (typically overnight), produce the thermal energy, and store it so that it’s available when our customers need it.

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  • What are the benefits of district energy systems?

    District energy provided multiple advantages:

    • Freedom from asset ownership and the costs associated with maintenance
    • Wholesale energy pricing and stability
    • Efficient energy delivery
    • Greater reliability and redundancy in energy supply
    • Reduced carbon footprint

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