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Energy Asset Management & Upgrades

We manage and improve the performance of energy infrastructure assets.

A Systematic Approach to Energy Asset Management

Energy asset management systematically manages energy infrastructure systems and components through a complete range of technical, financial, human resources, project management, and operational services. These services are designed to achieve optimal system performance, with a focus on efficiency, reliability, and sustainability at the lowest lifecycle cost. This is typically coupled with guaranteed performance of energy infrastructure and risk transfer of operations and maintenance.

Establishing an Asset Management Program

A comprehensive program tailored to each customer and individual facility to maximize performance of assets and reduce risk. Vicinity’s programs are adaptable and evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Implementing Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Improve technical and economic performance and reduce risk with an O&M program. Founded on best practices, highly trained and skilled O&M staff deliver services to reliably, efficiently, and sustainably meet a facility’s energy needs.

Performance Evaluation & Benchmarking

Establish a means for measuring, recording, analyzing, and evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs). Leverage internal audits to improve asset management systems and analyze data to inform continuous improvement.

Performance Improvement & Optimization

Identify non-compliance and corrective or preventive procedures and eradicate the causes of non-compliance via root cause analysis. Implement continuous improvement programs to increase technical, environmental, and economic performance using established and validated procedures.

Why Energy Asset Management
Could Be Your Energy Solution

Energy systems and infrastructure are capital intensive. Through a systematic approach – monitoring the health of assets, management of the physical operation, tracking and managing to KPIs, and continuously improving assets through their lifecycle – asset management can reduce costs, risk, and environmental impact all while driving energy efficiencies and extending the useful life of energy infrastructure for those that own energy generating assets, buildings, and/or campuses.

Ultimately, asset management aims to realize the maximum value of an asset. Through proper management, a site or campus’ physical assets and systems are proactively evaluated to ensure optimal performance.

Meet The Federal Building Performance Standard With District Energy

Vicinity's systems can help you instantly meet the requirements set by Biden's Building Performance Standard (BPS) while benefiting from the efficient, sustainable, and reliable service district energy provides.

What Benefits Can Energy Asset Management Offer You?

Vicinity implements robust asset management programs that allow our customers to focus on their core business and optimize asset performance. Our programs, policies, and best practices for asset management of plants and networks are structured for a technical-economic optimization and include the following:

  • Improvement, optimization, and control of Capex/Opex expenses
  • Improvements in the traceability of actions and costs
  • Precise technical-economic KPIs and performance guarantees
  • Tailored service to meet customer expectations, needs, regulatory requirements, and the risk transfer desired
  • Implementation of universally- accepted industry standards as well as tailored best practices for each individual customer and situation
  • Optimization of design and as-built conditions, enhancing maintainability, lowering life cycle cost and extending total service life