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Energy Efficiency & Optimization

Save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve service quality by optimizing your energy assets.

Proven Energy Efficiency & Optimization Results​

Driven by factors such as rising energy costs and environmental sustainability goals, Vicinity’s energy efficiency and optimization programs use a multi-pronged approach with skilled professionals that can deliver complete energy assessments and designs, procure utility incentives, provide or structure investments, implement projects, and validate results over time.

Energy Efficiency Assessments

By analyzing energy infrastructure performance and energy consumption, an energy efficiency assessment can identify energy conservation measures (ECM) that can generate significant cost-saving and carbon reductions.

Energy Investment

Projects identified by an energy assessment often require capital investment. Vicinity can structure and deliver comprehensive financial solutions for our customers to eliminate or reduce capital constraints.

Utility Incentive Programs

The energy landscape is constantly changing with new or revised State and Federal utility incentive programs. Our team of experts stay up-to-date on the latest incentive programs to deliver cost-saving benefits for energy efficiency projects.

Energy Project Implementation

We take a multi-faceted approach to develop energy conservation projects through all phases, from evaluation and design to implementation. This approach delivers turnkey, performance-based projects on-time and within budget.

Why Energy Efficiency and Optimization Could be Your Energy Solution

Energy generation and utilization equipment and systems are ever-evolving. Assets that may have been cutting-edge only a few years ago may now be inefficient or obsoleted by new standards.

Energy efficiency and optimization programs offer building owners the ability to improve the performance of existing infrastructure and reduce energy consumption, resulting in both monetary savings and lower carbon emissions.

Vicinity seeks to identify how much energy a facility and/or campus consumes, and the best options to deliver required energy savings at the lowest possible cost.

Meet The Federal Building Performance Standard With District Energy

Vicinity's systems can help you instantly meet the requirements set by Biden's Building Performance Standard (BPS) while benefiting from the efficient, sustainable, and reliable service district energy provides.

What Benefits Can Energy Efficiency & Optimization Offer You?

With decades of experience, Vicinity’s energy, finance, engineering and construction management experts are helping customers optimize how their facilities use energy to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Vicinity’s Capabilities

  • On-time and on-budget project delivery
  • Turn-key project development and implementation
  • Holistic and comprehensive energy project delivery
  • M&V to validate savings delivered by Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s)
  • Guaranteed performance-based savings
  • Project financing, including leveraging utility and tax incentive programs