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Energy Infrastructure Operations & Maintenance

Partner with an experienced provider to improve your energy reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

Trusted energy infrastructure operation and maintenance

The proper operation and maintenance (O&M) of energy infrastructure is critical to keeping building energy systems working at peak performance throughout the life of the assets, which can result in significant energy savings and extension of the equipment’s lifetime. A skilled O&M provider will prolong the infrastructure’s lifecycle, while maintaining reliability, achieving energy efficiencies, and extracting the optimal economic and environmental performance of the assets.

Energy Cost Reduction

By monitoring and evaluating real-time data from building management systems, skilled O&M providers are able to craft and implement strategies to optimize energy use, procurement and generation.

Continuous Commissioning & Optimization

Optimizing building systems through an ongoing commissioning process improves overall system control and operations. O&M providers can quickly resolve issues, improve comfort, optimize energy use and identify potential retrofits.

Measurement & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

By establishing benchmarks and performance goals, O&M providers are able to track performance, identify opportunities for improvement and measure success.

Energy Infrastructure O&M for Your Long-term Solution

The ongoing maintenance of energy infrastructure represents a significant expense for a building or a campus over its lifetime. The proper long-term operation, management and maintenance of complex energy infrastructure involves multi-faceted skills, combining finance, operations and energy expertise. By outsourcing this task to energy O&M experts, building owners have access to a pool of expertise and can reduce their risk, save on energy costs, improve efficiencies and reliability, and focus on what matters most to them: advancing their core business functions.

Through Vicinity’s ownership and operation of the largest footprint of district energy systems across the U.S. and O&M of energy plants for various customers, our highly trained and licensed energy O&M experts are well versed in managing complex infrastructure and enhancing operations to deliver maximum value.

What Benefits Can Energy Infrastructure O&M Offer You?

Vicinity’s O&M strategy is to drive the highest level of reliability at the lowest possible lifecycle cost. Proper maintenance using a lifecycle approach is essential to the reliable and effective operation of utility infrastructure. Vicinity has developed a systematic approach to mobilize the cross-functional disciplines required to operate and maintain complex energy plants and infrastructure over the lifetime of the assets. Furthermore, a proactive approach to maintenance is critical to the optimal long-term operations of infrastructure, driving energy and cost efficiency and improving environmental sustainability.

Vicinity has a long track record of providing superior O&M services for both our owned infrastructure and that of our customers— maximizing peak efficiency, minimizing the risk of equipment failure and ensuring a tight control range. Our core O&M programs are based upon reliability-centered maintenance (RCM). RCM is a proven maintenance programmatic technique that drives system O&M staff to view infrastructure from a lifecycle perspective. In addition, RCM takes cost-effective maintenance into account, and balances inventory, supply chain management and different capital replacement strategies. 

What Our O&M Programs Can Do for You

  • Access to licensed and trained operators and technical, financial and energy efficiency experts
  • Performance guarantees and stellar track record of performance in mission-critical environments
  • Industry-leading safety record
  • Cost savings and efficiencies achieved through time-tested, robust O&M practices
  • Investment in training programs, including safety, operations, and maintenance
  • Expertise in operating and maintaining a full range of energy assets for thermal and electrical systems
  • Guaranteed uptime and reliability
  • Robust continuous commissioning and maintenance programs