The extended benefits of digital billing and payments


Our commitment to sustainability and our customers extends beyond providing clean, affordable energy solutions to decarbonize cities and communities.

Partnering with both J.P. Morgan Chase and leading billing and payment solution provider Paymentus, our team has made a key transformation to increase digitization and allow our customers flexibility in paying their monthly invoices through an online bill pay option at

Bringing greater convenience to bill pay

Vicinity’s bill pay portal offers new payment methods that will deliver greater flexibility in how customers pay and manage their monthly invoices, accepting both ACH debit payments and all major credit cards.

To make monthly payments as simple as possible, we have also added AutoPay to our payment options. Customers who sign up for AutoPay enjoy “set-it-and-forget-it” convenience by automatically having their payment made each month. This capability allows customers to set a preferred payment date (e.g., the 20th calendar date of every month, or the due date on your monthly invoice) and automatically make payment from the customer’s saved bank account or credit card each month. Customers will receive payment confirmation once the payment has been made and can edit or cancel AutoPay elections anytime.

To sign up for AutoPay, visit the bill pay portal and select AutoPay within the menu. You can set your preferred payment date and enter your payment information.

Reducing our carbon footprint

An extended benefit of our digital customer payment portal is the reduction of paper consumption. Our commitment to net zero carbon is about more than the energy we provide and how we provide it: by reducing the amount of paper in our billing and payment process, we can ensure that we are limiting the environmental impact of our entire business operation.

Payment options, including AutoPay and credit cards, help us eliminate dependence on paper-based processes. These processes are faster, more efficient, and aligned with our mission of lowering our carbon footprint and curbing climate change.

Getting started

The customer payment portal offers an intuitive design that makes managing your account accessible than ever—simply login to your account to view the full menu of payment options and set your preferences.

For more information on our bill pay portal and how it can help you better manage and pay your invoice, please contact us or visit our frequently asked questions page.

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Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith works as Vicinity’s Vice President and Treasurer out of our Boston, MA office. He writes about topics related to Vicinity’s online Bill Pay portal and important updates for customers.