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Oklahoma City

Vicinity’s robust underground network distributes 99.99% reliable thermal energy to downtown Oklahoma City.

For over 50 years, Oklahoma City’s downtown businesses and institutions have relied on district energy steam, hot water and chilled water to supply their space heating and cooling, domestic hot and chilled water, humidification, and sterilization needs. Owned and operated by Vicinity Energy, this robust underground district energy network of piping distributes 99.99% reliable thermal energy to hotel and entertainment venues, cultural centers, commercial and residential space, and government facilities.

With Vicinity’s recent major expansion of the district system, the network is now even more robust and reliable, with an augmented supply and additional back-up cooling and heating capacity. District energy also offers our customers a green energy alternative, and Vicinity is continually investing in greening efforts to generate energy through zero carbon, non-fossil fuel-based sources.

10 million

Square feet of space served in Oklahoma City

2.3 miles

Steam and hot water distribution network

50+ years

District system years of operation

Investing in Oklahoma City

Vicinity recently completed a major expansion of the district system to augment supply and provide back-up cooling and heating capacity, including an extension of the chilled water line and the installation of a state-of-the-art hot water plant. The facility utilizes high-pressure boilers with 600 pounds per square in gauge (PSIG) capacity to feed steam to city buildings. The excess steam from these boilers also drives industrial-grade, steam-turbine chillers and is supplied, through pressure-reducing stations, to the distribution system. Additional cooling capacity is derived from efficient electric-driven centrifugal chillers, providing multiple chilled water production methods to deliver unsurpassed reliability and resiliency. 

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How District Energy Works

District energy is an innovative and resilient energy solution that uses a centrally located facility, or facilities, to generate thermal energy—heat, hot water or chilled water—which is then transported through highly insulated underground pipes directly to nearby buildings, avoiding the need for boilers, chillers and cooling towers in individual buildings. Watch the video to learn more about how district energy works.

What is District Energy?

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