District hot water

Vicinity provides reliable district hot water to buildings for heating, keeping occupants warm and critical processes running.

What are the benefits of district hot water?

lower carbon emissions


Leverage a low-carbon energy solution that integrates sustainable fuel sources to lower carbon emissions

99.99% reliability

Rely on interconnected central energy facilities with redundant power and back-up generation

capital savings icon

Lower cost

Reduce energy infrastructure costs and allocate capital to core business objectives

Less maintenance

Minimize costs and ongoing O&M expenses for onsite boiler and plant operations

Meet local building performance standards with district hot water

Talk to our team of energy experts today to learn how district energy can help commercial buildings meet local emissions requirements.

Vicinity’s electrification plan

This white paper explores how Vicinity is electrifying our district energy systems to help urban centers rapidly and affordably achieve city and state carbon reduction goals.

Get started with district hot water

Connect with our team of energy experts to learn how sustainable district hot water can reduce your costs and carbon emissions, all while increasing energy reliability.