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Vicinity Energy Provides Green Steam to Walters Art Museum Under New 20-Year Contract, Delivering Heat and Precise Humidification to Historic Buildings and Artifacts

Mar 3, 2021

Vicinity will supply the Baltimore museum’s 70,000 square feet of space with steam for use in heating and air humidification – a critical component to preserving precious artifacts

BALTIMORE, March 3, 2021Vicinity Energy, owner of the nation’s largest portfolio of district energy systems, announces a 20-year steam contract with Walters Art Museum to provide heating and humidification to the landmark Baltimore facility, which encompasses 70,000 square feet of space. With 50 percent of its steam generated from renewables, the district energy system will deliver high-pressure sustainable steam for the museum, replacing the facility’s current boiler setup.

Walters Art Museum will receive approximately 12,000 pounds of steam per hour (pph), replacing its traditional boiler system and transitioning its two existing functional boilers to provide back-up energy as needed. Vicinity is funding the connection to the district system, resulting in zero up-front capital costs to the museum, enabling Walters to reallocate capital funds to support exhibits and other core offerings. Completion of the project is anticipated by April 2021.

“In order to preserve the historic artifacts housed in the Walters Art Museum, our buildings must meet precise humidification requirements. The reliability of district energy, in addition to its ability to meet the specifications of the museum’s exhibitions while also reducing our carbon footprint, makes Vicinity an excellent solution for Walters’s energy needs,” said Julia Marciari-Alexander, who serves as the Andrea B. and John H. Laporte Director.

In addition to providing the museum with steam, Vicinity Energy has committed to a long-term 20-year sponsorship of the Walters – underscoring Vicinity’s commitment to the city of Baltimore, its cultural artifacts, history and communities. Currently, Vicinity provides low-carbon district energy to 30 million square feet of buildings in Baltimore, reducing the region’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by 30,000 tons. As Vicinity advances its net zero carbon plan across all its operations, customers will continue to receive greener energy solutions as a result.

“Through renewable energy use and ongoing greening efforts, Vicinity’s district energy system provides immense opportunity to deliver greener, more reliable energy alternatives to Baltimore facilities, while dramatically reducing their carbon footprint,” said Bill DiCroce, president and CEO of Vicinity Energy. “We’re proud to be the long-term energy partner of such an important Baltimore institution as the Walters Art Museum and deliver reliable heating and the humidification required to preserve the city’s precious cultural artifacts.”

About Vicinity Energy
With 19 district energy systems in 12 major cities, Vicinity Energy is the leading provider of district energy solutions in the U.S. Vicinity produces and distributes steam, hot water, and chilled water directly through its vast underground network to individual buildings and campuses. District energy eliminates the need for boiler and chiller plants in individual buildings, improving overall efficiency, lowering carbon footprints, and increasing reliability. Vicinity’s over 450 skilled engineers, operators, and energy experts have a singular dedication to customer success and a relentless focus on delivering reliable and efficient energy products and services.

About the Walters Art Museum
The Walters Art Museum is a cultural hub in the heart of Baltimore, located in the city’s Mount Vernon neighborhood. The museum’s collection spans more than seven millennia, from 5000 BCE to the 21st century, and encompasses 36,000 objects from around the world. Walking through the museum’s historic buildings, visitors encounter a stunning panorama of thousands of years of art, from romantic 19th-century images of French gardens to mesmerizing Ethiopian icons, richly illuminated Qur’ans and Gospel books, ancient Roman sarcophagi, and serene images of the Buddha. Since its founding, the Walters’ mission has been to bring art and people together to create a place where people of every background can be touched by art. As part of this commitment, admission to the museum and special exhibitions is always free.

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