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Vicinity Energy

Reliable Clean Energy When You Need It

Vicinity Energy tackles global energy problems on a local level, with local resources. We produce and distribute steam, hot water and chilled water directly through our vast network of underground pipes to provide heating, cooling, humidification, sterilization and other services to our customers. The benefits of district energy are numerous: eliminating the need for boiler and chiller plants in individual buildings, improving efficiency, lowering carbon and increasing reliability.

District energy is not only more efficient, more reliable and more resilient than conventional onsite generation, our clean steam has a lower carbon impact.

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A High Energy Conversation

Tune in to hear Bill DiCroce, president and CEO of Vicinity, talk about our Clean Energy Future on this week’s EnergyCast podcast with host Jay Dauenhauer.

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Our Vision

Clean Energy Future

Vicinity’s Clean Energy Future articulates our vision and roadmap to achieve net zero carbon by 2050.

Energy Solutions

District Heating & Cooling

Eliminate the need for onsite combustion, district energy is the cleaner alternative for heating and cooling services.

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Energy Asset Management & Upgrades

With our team of experts, we manage your energy infrastructure so you don’t have to.

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Energy Efficiency & Optimization

Innovative technologies and resources to reach your energy sustainability goals.

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Energy Infrastructure Operations & Management

Solutions for the long-term operation, management and maintenance of complex energy infrastructure.

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Microgrids & Distributed Generation

Develop, build, maintain and operate your microgrid or decentralized energy generation system more efficiently and reliably than conventional solutions.

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Sterilization & Humidification

With 99.99% reliability, you experience uninterrupted, mission-critical sterilization and humidification services when you need it.

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Industries We Serve

Colleges & Universities

Run your campuses efficiently with sustainable energy solutions.

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Commercial Real Estate

Maximize your real estate profitability and attract tenants by making the switch to cleaner, affordable, more efficient distributed energy.

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Committed to continuous improvement to meet the latest guidelines and regulations.

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Mission-critical work needs 99.99% reliable energy so you can focus on what matters most—caring for your patients

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Keep your establishments running smoothly with sustainable, efficient energy.

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Life Sciences

With clean steam, the integrity of your research will never be compromised.

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