District Heating and Cooling Solutions for Widett Circle

Reliable, resilient, low carbon energy for mixed-use developments.

District energy uses a centrally located facility to generate and distribute thermal energy to buildings through our vast underground network. Our district energy system supplies highly efficient, low carbon heating, cooling, hot and chilled water, sterilization and humidification to hospitals, commercial real estate and institutions in Boston and Cambridge.

Vicinity Energy will work closely with you to help you meet short- and long-term business goals. Customers on our system save millions while enjoying the many benefits of a centralized green system that supplies reliable, affordable, simple and sustainable energy.

A Clean Energy Alternative to Achieve Sustainability and Operation Goals

By leveraging combined heat and power (CHP), 70% of the thermal energy delivered to customers is carbon-free green steam. Through CHP, biofuels and electric boilers, Vicinity will reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050—representing a key strategy for decarbonization within the City of Boston’s 2050 Climate Action Plan.

District energy also saves building owners millions in capital intensive infrastructure, operations and maintenance and generates operating savings and rates that are guaranteed for the duration of the contract—allowing building owners to focus capital on core business objectives.

Upfront capital savings

Maximized building space

99.99% highly reliable energy

Guaranteed rates & operations savings

70% carbon-free green steam

How District Energy Works

District energy is an innovative and resilient energy solution that uses a centrally located facility, or facilities, to generate thermal energy—heat, hot water, or chilled water—which is then transported through highly insulated underground pipes directly to nearby buildings, avoiding the need for boilers, chillers and cooling towers in individual buildings. Watch the video to learn more about how district energy works.

What is District Energy?

Investing in Boston and Cambridge

In Boston and Cambridge, Vicinity has invested over $110 million in a series of green steam projects to improve efficiencies and reduce environmental impacts which includes incorporating the interconnection of the two previously separated district energy systems, a new 7,000-foot steam pipeline extension, acquisition and reconfiguration of the Kendall Cogeneration facility and the integration of recycled, renewable fuel. The new pipeline from Kendall captures and leverages the facility’s excess heat for use in Vicinity’s district networks, thereby recycling thermal energy that was previously discarded. These combined efforts have dramatically reduced the cities carbon footprint and improved air quality.

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Reliable, Resilient District Energy to Meet Your Energy Needs

As cities become more condensed, extreme weather events increase and industries require more redundant and reliable energy, having an uninterrupted and sustainable energy supply (electricity, heating, and cooling) has become critically important to human health and economic prosperity. For facilities, communities and campuses that require and consume high volumes of electricity, heat and chilled water to operate efficiently, district energy is helping to free up space in buildings, save building owners in capital expense and operations and maintenance (O&M) costs, and improve reliability and sustainability.

Our steam delivery networks can interface with any type of HVAC building system to provide low cost and reliable thermal energy and cooling. We also provide centrally-produced chilled water, pumping it into buildings and eliminating the need for customers to purchase, operate and maintain chillers and cooling towers.

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