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Microgrids & Distributed Generation

Lower your operational costs, reduce environmental footprint, and improve resilience.

Reliable, Resilient Microgrids for Mission-critical Needs 

Microgrids are small electrical grids that can power multiple buildings or a campus either in parallel with or independently from other electric utilities. They are configured to meet the reliability, efficiency, environmental and/or economic goals of the connected facilities. Microgrids can seamlessly integrate renewable and advanced energy generation technologies that can dramatically improve technical, environmental, and economic performance. They commonly utilize thermal loops to increase efficiency of the facilities connected to them.  


As a small, advanced electric grid, a microgrid serves a discrete geographic footprint and can self-supply power, helping to increase resiliency and reduce energy expenses and carbon footprint. Microgrids offer the ability to integrate a wide variety of generation sources and provide a backbone for future development over time.

Energy Plant Operations

Proactive management of energy infrastructure is critical to managing carbon footprint, minimizing risk, and extracting maximum efficiencies from utility systems. As the largest owner and operator of district systems across the U.S., Vicinity is an expert at managing complex energy plants and facility infrastructure, as well as integrating microgrid technologies throughout our portfolio and customers’ sites.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can be generated from multiple sources, including wind, biofuels, and solar, to name a few. Integration of renewable energy can yield emission reductions, energy independence, additional resilience and savings. This integration can greatly improve the economic benefits of these systems, enabling their commercial viability.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

CHP is an efficient process that captures waste heat generated from electricity production and converts it into usable thermal energy. By consuming less fuel than if the power and thermal energy were produced separately, CHP is highly efficient and reduces carbon emissions. This is a natural fit for integration with microgrids and district energy systems.

Turnkey Microgrid Services for Highly Reliable Energy Solutions

The fundamental benefit of a microgrid is the ability to provide increased energy reliability and resiliency while also enabling facilities to continuously operate even in the event of unforeseen grid outages.At the forefront of energy generation and transformation, Vicinity’s energy, finance, operations and technology specialists are experts at assessing our customer’s energy needs and recommending the right solution derived from a range of technologies and applications.

Vicinity can provide full turnkey microgrid services from initial concept development through to finance and long-term operation. This enables our customers to yield the benefits of a microgrid while reducing the risk and cost associated with self-development. Integrating microgrid technologies with connection to one of Vicinity’s district energy systems allows for economic and resiliency benefits that are difficult to match.

Meet The Federal Building Performance Standard With District Energy

Vicinity's systems can help you instantly meet the requirements set by Biden's Building Performance Standard (BPS) while benefiting from the efficient, sustainable, and reliable service district energy provides.

What Benefits Can a Microgrid Offer You?

Through years of expertise in navigating energy markets and implementing energy and technology solutions, our team of experts can deliver a full suite of integrated contracting and delivery models, including full financing. Our customized turnkey approach ranges from performing a needs assessment and developing a solution to operating and optimizing distributed energy assets over the long term.

  • Project economics and technical feasibility assessments
  • Long-term operations and maintenance
  • Project investment and/or ownership
  • Integrated and turnkey project solutions
  • Multi-faceted expertise in energy markets, engineering, and construction
  • Design and project development management services
  • Coordination and collaboration with local utilities
  • Support on utility interconnection, permitting, and applicable incentives