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Sterilization & Humidification

Protect precious artifacts, ensure comfort, and sanitize equipment using steam.

Reliable, Clean High Pressure Steam

Several industries require high pressure steam to humidify spaces for occupant comfort, control infection rates, and preserve artifacts and sterilization to sanitize medical and laboratory equipment.

Museum Quality Humidification

Museums and historical facilities often require humidification to maintain a constant indoor climate that helps to preserve artifacts and prevent deterioration.

Medical Grade Sterilization

Hospitals and medical research facilities rely on high-pressure steam for sterilization of laboratory and medical equipment. This steam enables research facilities to disinfect laboratory equipment and hospitals to sterilize surgical tools and instruments.

Cage Washes & Vivarium

Laboratory and medical research facilities utilize clean district steam to sanitize animal vivarium space, cage and glass washes. District energy provides an efficient solution that researchers prefer and facility managers trust.

Reliable Clean Steam for Humidification and Sterilization

Saturated steam under pressure enhances the ability of heat to kill microorganisms. Hospitals and medical research facilities require sterilization to sanitize surgical equipment or laboratory equipment and glassware. Without the use of high-pressure steam for this purpose, these institutions would be at risk for patient infection or compromised medical experiments that could result in significant losses.

To preserve precious artifacts, many museums and historical facilities require humidification, as climatic fluctuations can destroy or damage artifacts by causing them to either expand or contract. Hospitals also require stringent humidification levels to aid in infection control and prevent dryness in the air, which can cause irritation in many parts of the body.

What Benefits Can Humidification and Sterilization Offer You?

 Because our district energy networks are backed by multiple plants, fuel sources, and back-up generation, we are the most reliable and resilient energy supply choice for humidification and sterilization.

  • The ability for hospital and medical facilities to perform surgeries and medical procedures using disinfected equipment and maintain patient comfort and infection control through humification
  • The use of steam for humidification provides proper clean room control and comfort for healing
  • The ability for scientists to focus on critical research activities through disinfection of laboratory equipment and glassware at medical research facilities
  • The preservation of artifacts at museums and historic facilities through humification and delivery of a constant indoor climate